Stitch Marker Mystery Grab Bags – Multiple Styles


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Choose your set of either 5 or 10 Stitch Markers and your Theme.

This set of stitch markers is perfect for Crochet or Knitting. The Lobster Clasp is 21mm and will fit up to a CYC size 6 (weight 6 or super chunky) yarn. In other words, these stitch markers will be perfect for whatever project you can imagine! These versatile stitch markers are sure to meet your needs whether you are using them as a progress counter, as a way to mark the front or back of your work, or as a way to tally how many stitches you have on your hook or needle.

These stitch markers are hand made by Kassi.

Mystery set of 5 or 10: Anything goes, no repeats. Your stitch markers can be anything EXCEPT no holiday or religious themed stitch markers.
Ex. No “Be Mine” candy stitch markers, but you may get a heart
Ex. No religious symbols.

Cats only set of 5 or 10: All of your mystery stitch markers will be cats, no repeats

Each set will ship free in its own small organza bag inside a bubble wrap envelope size 10 inches x 6 inches unless you’re purchasing other items from the shop.

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5 Random Stitch Markers, 10 Random Stitch Markers, 5 Cat Stitch Markers, 10 Cat Stitch Markers


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